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Our mission is to come together and empower each other to recognize our 'Purpose in the Kingdom' through declaration, development, and deployment.  


The vision at Greater Purpose International is to provide facilities where mankind regardless of race, gender, or economical background can come together in unity and receive an impartation that will forever change their state of mind and help them to focus on becoming a better individual in private as well as in public.  At G.P.I.C.C. we accept the Holy Bible as the foundation of our spiritual lives. We believe that God sent His only son Jesus to walk the earth in flesh and die a natural death in order to bring about a spiritual resurrection that allows for everyone to be saved through that belief. We believe that through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit was sent to be the leader and guide for all of us to walk in truth. We are an apostolic church, and believe that the five-fold ministry leadership gifts are in full operation today. We believe in the equipping of the saints until we all come into the unity of the faith. We strive to maintain integrity within the community and help to build relationships that will last a lifetime and help in rebuilding trust to those that have been hurt, rejected, or cast aside by others. 

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